My Co-wife and I are speaking again! Alhamdulilaah! Polygany can bring out the most emotional parts of yourself. Parts of you that you never imagined. I often feel that as the 2nd wife I’m not allowed to be jealous, angry, upset, etc., but the reality is that that is a total crock of crap. I’m entitled to feel. It’s just that my reaction to these feelings is what’s the issue.

She and I got a chance to chit-chat briefly over the weekend about why we had not been speaking… To sum it up, I know that she would never intentionally say anything that would hurt me. She’s just not that kind of person and she has proven that to me in all the time I’ve known her. Co-wives will not always see eye-to-eye. However, that is never an excuse for enmity to grow amongst sisters in Islaam. Lesson Learned.

The distance between us had begun to take a toll. I have been missing my Snicker Doodle so much! He is 4 months now and the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen! Lol. My Co said she believes he may be teething. I’m really excited cause it’s on from here on out! Before we know it, in shaa’ allah, he’ll be crawling and standing, and walking! I miss him soooooo much.

As for the ‘Thee Man’, well he remains to be patient with me and my flaws and the progress, maa shaa’allah. I am truly blessed to have him and her in my corner. There is a reason Allah placed she and I before our husband. There are so many sisters in polygany who experience horror stories. I’ve lived some of my own, but I beg Allah to preserve what we have and to correct the conditions of others because this life is rough without people who remind you of Allah.

Living, Learning, Loving…