In my journey of co-wifery, I am also growing as a woman… As a muslim woman. I am embracing the Qadr of Allah like never before. The good and the bad of it. 

‘Maturity’ is such a profound word. We might limit it to meaning that you’ve reached puberty or that your ”old enough” to do something, but it’s waaaaaaay deeper than that. 

I am learning the treat the people in my family according to what they are. For example, my grandmother. When I was a teenager we would have screaming matches and I’d tell her how much I hated her. She’d put me out and let me back in. As an adult, she’d still try to run my life and just to defy her, unconsciously, I would be ruining my life. Now… She is my grandmother. She is the woman who cared for me when my mother passed, she is the woman who would treat me when I was sick. She is the woman who on many occasions cried herself to sleep because she didn’t know what to do with me. The woman who helped me raise my first child because her father wasn’t around. I have an appreciation for her that I am embarrassed to say took 27 years to realize. At the same time, I feel accomplished. I feel like my character is getting better. I have been doing my best to strive in the way of Allah and SubhanAllah, I am seeing the results in my daily activities! 

I am seeing my change in my children by Allah’s permission. My oldest is becoming a young  believing woman right before my eyes, and although is scares me, I’m so proud. After 6 years of Islaam, I finally feel like I may be doing something right and for the right reasons! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! 

My co-wife and I are doing great, maa shaa’allah. The baby will be a month old tomorrow inshaallah and he knows my voice! Whenever I hold him I recite qur’an to him. I tell him about my day, what I’ve learned in class at the masjid, and how much I missed him. Oh! And how I don’t have any milk in my boobs so he better stop flapping those lips my way! Lol. 

Everyday I am falling in love with my husband. Sometimes it’s scary but most times it’s the most exciting feeling in the world. As a family we are progressing. Both households. One Unit. The 8 of us…