In all this time the show Sister Wives has been on air, I haven’t watched it until last night on Netflix. I love it!

The relationship that the wives have with each other is beautiful. It’s something that so many of us can’t understand or even imagine. It makes me contemplate my past relationships and the relationships of some of my friends and I wonder, why couldn’t we all just get along?!

Now, my co-wife and I have a pretty good relationship, but I will admit that there are times when we are having ‘unspoken anger issues.’… Whatever that means. Lol. But to openly welcome another woman into your family, to love your husband, when there is already 3 has my mind boggled! I don’t even think I’m built like that! I find myself often times thinking, “Oh Allah, please let us be enough…” But I wonder if that is selfish. Is there another woman who could need my husband? Is there another woman who I’d care to share my husbands islam, love, time, finances, etc., with?

In the past I have heard so many polygamy horror stories and have even authored a few of my own. It would have me wondering where the successful polygamous marriages are. The way these ‘Sister Wives’ handle a new wife is just… inspiring. And sure they may be Mormon, but they are women non the less. I found it interesting that these women grew up in polygamous households and it isn’t forced on their children. I wonder if that is a contributing factor among us Muslim women when it comes to how we handle polygamy. Is it easier to accept when you have been raised around it?