6 years ago I met a sister whom to this day, other than my co-wife, I have never net anyone more compassionate and kind. She taught the New Shahadah class at Germantown Masjid. Her class was awesome and she made sure that us women understood the fundamentals of the religion. I loved her class and if she wasn’t able to teach one day, no other sister could fill the void of Naimah. 

Today she was taken off life support, Maa shaa’allah. Over a year ago, we found out that Naimah was sick. She had been in and out of the hospital. Today, Allah called her back. My heart is filled with so many emotions. SubhanAllah, she has taught so many Muslimahs who Allah is and what our duty to Him is. She has encouraged so many of us to stay upon the Truth and not to let anything take us from the Path of Allah. She never got tired of reminding us to repent for our misdeeds and not to get heedless. She made sure we understood the Tawheed of Allah ta’ala. 

My heart is so heavy right now. I ask that any Believer who reads this post to make du’a for Naimah, the New Shahadah teacher at Germantown Masjid. Please ask Allah to have mercy on her, to make her grave light and spacious, and to grant her jaanatul-firdous. Ameen. Wallahi, I have never met a sister of her caliber.