The days are winding down and she is probably contracting as we speak.

My co-wife is due next week inshaallah, and I am soooooo excited… and scared. We’ve also been spending a lot of time together. The other day I picked her up to take her to the supermarket and before I left we got to talking. She mentioned that Shaytaan has been whispering to her. Telling her to be angry about having a newborn baby and a co-wife who gets ‘nights’. She says that she fears she’ll be angry if she goes into labor on my night because he’s supposed to, and I quote,  ”be here with me.”

With all this honestly goin’ on, I thought that maybe I should vent too. I told her that I’m afraid that things will change between all of us once the baby is here. Currently, I don’t feel like wife #2, I just feel like his wife. But when the baby comes it will be, Wife #1, the baby, and that other sister he’s married to. I told her that I’m afraid things between she and I will change. We ended up crying together. Will she hate me because although she has a baby, I’m still entitled to nights? Will she be angry with him for his being just? Will our companionship suffer? I guess it’s safe to say that I am afraid of the unknown. Allah ta’ala could have a different plan, I just have to have faith in Him that the burden won’t be bigger than any of us can bear.

Tonight’s my night and the day is not going by fast enough. He’s also on vacation from work so maybe I’ll get some more time with him until the New Year rolls in.

Sometimes Co-wifery is so darn complex!