My co-wife and I are rebuilding our relationship. This brings joy to my heart because often times she has been my voice of reason or the ear to listen. I think she’s an amazing woman. Our husband and I recently moved into our new home and since this move, she and I have been closer… and he and I have been closer. 

I have always been the type to feel like it doesn’t make a difference if I have a man or not. I can do for myself… But this time around is different. I always miss him. On my nights I don’t even sleep because I don’t want to miss anything. I have two nights so I gotta make the best of it. Even if I’m a little sleep deprived! Lol. 

Inshaallah, this Friday is what they call, ‘Black Friday’. My co-wife wants to go out and shop. Me… I’m not so sure. I don’t do well with crowds. From what I’ve seen on TV, the people camp outside the store and I even remember one year someone was killed from getting trampled on entering the store. She’s given the invitation so I guess I should go… I’ll just bring my pepper spray! Lol.